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Presenter Author Category: 2016

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  • Chris Andrews began his writing career when he boldly blundered into a story idea he thought was a novel, only to discover that producing a compelling story wasn’t as easy as it looked. In pursuit of his dreams he studied professional writing at the University of Canberra, joined the ACT Writers Centre, wrote short stories for print and online publications, and edited an anthology of short stories. As well as running workshops, Chris currently works as a freelance manuscript editor and writing coach.

    In his Creating compelling characters workshop, Chris will give you the essential hands-on toolkit to ensure your readers care about what happens to your characters, even the ones the readers hate. 

    Readers engage with story through character and structure ― without both, a story will fall apart. There are story elements common across all forms of fiction, such as conflict, theme, and structure. In his Foundations of story and structure workshop, Chris will give participants all the essential ingredients for creating solid stories that readers will love.

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