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Presenter Author Category: 2016

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  • Darleen Bungey has been an advertising copywriter, an associate editor and writer for British magazines, and a freelance journalist. Her biography of Arthur Boyd was published to critical acclaim and it won the Dobbie Literary Award and the Australian Book Industry Award for Biography of the Year.

    Darleen will talk about John Olsen in this landmark biographyJohn Olsen: an Artist’s Life. Based on over six years of meticulous research and hundreds of interviews, Darleen Bungey sweeps us into the intimate circle of one of Australia’s most fascinating families. How did a shy, stuttering boy from Newcastle, neglected by his alcoholic father, come to paint the great mural Salute to Five Bells at the Sydney Opera House?

    Darleen’s biography follows the artist’s journey. From a child who was never taken to an art gallery, who learnt how to draw from comics, you will learn about the famous artist in the black beret, whose life has been defined by an absolute need to paint. John Olsen: an Artist’s Life is joint winner of the 2015 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction.

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