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  • Deb Hunt was born in England, where she worked as a librarian, teacher, event manager, PR executive, actress and journalist. She has worked with Shakespeare in the Park in London, Australian House & Garden magazine in Sydney, and for the past five years as a writer with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. She is the author of Love in the Outback and Australian Farming Families. 

    Australian Farming families is a book about the human aspects of life on the land and the passion and gritty determination that characterised the families she interviewed. Deb travelled tens of thousands of kilometres to properties at either end of the country, and tells of the families who survive, even thrive on the land, despite fires, floods, personal hardship and uncertain economic times. 

    Hear about the different sorts of family life, where the kids are expected to pitch in, the classroom is often the kitchen table, the nearest maternity hospital is a five-hour drive, and several generations live and work side by side. These stories provide a window into a way of life that defines the Australian spirit at its best. 

    Love in the Outback is the true story of an unlikely romance. At forty-nine, Deb Hunt stopped dating men. It was just too painful. The men she loved didn’t love her back. When she found herself stalking her last boyfriend, who’d become engaged to another woman, Deb knew it was time to make changes. 

    From her home in the UK, she applied for a job in Australia as a PR assistant with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. She packed up her London home, said goodbye to everything that was familiar, and headed down under. There she encountered a land she never imagined and met a man unlike any other – a Royal Flying Doctor Service legend. He was a deeply practical, reasonable, steady, conservative person ― in other words, the polar opposite of Deb. He wanted a relationship. She wanted to flee. Hear more at the festival.

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