Simon Griffiths

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  • Simon Griffiths is a leading photographer of food, interiors and gardens. His photography appears frequently in the major lifestyle magazines and in books such as Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion and Kylie Kwong: My China. In the field of gardening and landscape design he has collaborated with many noted people.

    Simon has written and photographed for his book called Shed, and another called Shack, but especially appropriate for the fabulous south coast, Simon has also written Boat. A vessel for escape, adventure, trade and travel, the boat as a mode of transport is one of infinite variety and inspires serious passion. Photographer Simon has paced docksides and jetties all over Australia to bring us this stunning salute to the character and craftsmanship of all sorts of boats and boat-builders — from old whaling boats to elegant yachts, from fishing dinghies and paddle steamers, to rowboats and ferries.

    Salute! Food, Wine & Travel in Southern Italy is about four friends who set out on an Italian holiday: two restaurateurs, Gail and Kevin Donovan, owners of Melbourne’s popular Donovans; chef Robert Castellani; and renowned photographer Simon Griffiths. This beautiful book is their account of the journey. The result is a lavishly illustrated, inspirational journal full of travel information, personal stories, ideas for design and decor and, of course, food – simple, delicious recipes which capture the flavours and colours of southern Italy.

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