Maggie Joel

Maggie Joel

MaggieJoelMedMaggie Joel has been writing fiction since the mid-1990s and her short stories have been widely published in Southerly, Westerly, Island, Overland and Canberra Arts Review, and broadcast on ABC radio.

Born in England, Maggie worked in London for several years before moving to Australia. Her first novel was The Past and Other Lies and her second novel The Second-Last Woman in England won the Christina Stead Award for fiction. She currently lives in Sydney, where she is working on her next book.

Maggie Joel has written a captivating drama of family secrets and tragedies in her featured book Half the World in Winter. In 1881 in London, everything changes for the wealthy Jarmyn family. The misfortunes on the railway the family had built echoes the shocking death of a nine-year-old. And at the heart of this family, a terrible secret is tearing their lives apart. An intriguing novel of a family adrift in their rapidly changing world.

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